May 27

My Future


When I get older I will have to decide what job i want. Here are some ideas of future careers i would want. this is for week 9 blog post, enjoy


google presentation:


I would like to be a professional basketball coach that teaches future athletes and helps them with troubles that they are facing while playing basketball. I have a lot of patience  with kids so i think being a coach would be a good option. Another is becoming an animal doctor. This could be a good choice as well because i am very fond of animals and i love helping them. I also would want to be a pro guitar player. I already take lessons on it know and i do an amazing job at it, i’m also very into music so this is one of my top choices.


In the future i would like to have a few pets. i’m thinking about getting a golden retriever. I would like a golden retriever  because it a nice companion. I could also teach it how to fetch and then i could play with it. I’m thinking about also getting a few parrots. my friend has a few and they step on his finger and walk all the up to his shoulder and they repeat what he says.


Finally i would want a house like the one i live in now and probably by the suburbs. it would be like one of those small versions of mansions. i would also like a pool and a nice backyard for playing football with my kids. I would also like to have a pool if possible


That is what i plan for my future. What do you have in store for yours?

March 26

week #3 bloging challange: activity 2

for the week 3 bloging challange i choose to do activity 2.  the video was quite interesting but also quite strange that someone would take charecters from old disney cartoons and use clips of them saying one or two words at a time before jumping to another charecter saying something else